Frequently Asked Questions

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How Often Should I Change My Oil?
If your car always (or nearly always) gets warmed up, and you don't drive it very hard and keep the revs down, the manufacturer's recommendation is probably fine. If, however, you drive it hard, drive it at high revs, or alternatively, if you only drive it to and from the supermarket so that it doesn't get up to temperature, then you may wish to change oil much more often, perhaps at 3,000 mile intervals (given that most manufacturers are now specifying 7,500 mile intervals.) If you don't drive your car much at all (say 7,500 miles a year), then you probably want to change oil every 6 months anyway. If your car is using synthetic oil, we recommend changing it every 5000 miles.
How Often Should I Receive a Tune-up?
Most newer models require a scheduled major service every 60,000 miles, which includes a tunes-up.

Do I really Have to Rotate My Tires?
It’s advisable on some cars, but not on others. Factors which may indicate whether tire rotation is necessary are independent suspension, radial tires as well as other factors. To be sure, ask your auto professional.

My Car Is Making A Pinging Sound. What Does It Mean?
Most likely, a pinging sound coming from your engine indicates timing problems. Sometimes pinging is caused by poor quality or low octane fuel. Pinging can cause damage. We strongly advise that to have your car checked out by a professional to determine what whether it’s causing damage.

What is the difference in a dealer service center and your independent service center?
We are a specialty shop that has over 25 years of working in Marin. We are a shop where the owner actually works on your car, we have a friendly staff that will also give you and your car the special attention that you deserve.